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This five-minute read will save you money and get you to bed earlier at night!

How’s your juggling? Can you handle three hacky-sacks at a time or do you struggle to keep just two going?  We ask, because we hear of so many business people who try and keep too many balls in the air.

It's particularly true of a small concern, where one or two people try to do everything themselves.

It’s never been more tempting to try and handle everything in-house, not least because so many new software programs – in some cases programs you don’t even need to pay for – have made small tasks much more accessible. But even though the tasks are small there are pitfalls. Big ones.

Here’s why we think you should stick to what you know and let the experts tackle the other jobs -- and yes, that does include your marketing.

  • You are the owner – or one of the leadership team

Chances are you think you’re doing a new task quickly, but it won’t be performed as efficiently as someone who has had all the training, learned all the wrinkles and emerged from all the knocks.

You’ll be on a steep learning curve, but if you pick the right person to do it for you, they will be at the peak of their profession. That five-minute job you tackle could easily eat into your evening or the next day’s planning time, putting you further behind and falling well short of your aims for the day.

  • You won’t save money

Really, you won’t. For example, you could do an OK job on your marketing, but someone with the expertise to construct a powerful paragraph or two as an intro to your next newsletter or to create a punchy strapline for the ad campaign you’re running will do so much better. What they’re about to write will wow your customers and take them carefully to the next step that you want them to take.

They will issue a precise Call To Action that will be nigh on impossible to ignore.

So which is worth more to you? The money you saved by working until midnight to get it done yourself, or the lifetime customers who have signed up as a result of the killer copy created for you within your deadline and with no effort on your part?

  • Despite what you think, you will be able to provide a proper brief and it will be followed

People who are scared to let others take on tasks are underestimating the talent at their disposal.

‘It’s quicker to do it myself’ or ‘If you want something done properly, do it yourself’ are phrases you often hear, but if a team leader can’t brief someone else then the chances are they don’t understand the task themselves.

You have magnificent vision, or you wouldn’t be in business. So use your passion, knowledge and experience to fire up the people with whom you choose to collaborate. 

  • You will ultimately acknowledge that you made the right choice

It will be a weight off your shoulders and it won’t be long before you appreciate the huge strides you can make when others are doing jobs for you.

But when seeking an outside agency to take on your marketing here’s one key tip – see how much listening they do at your first and second meetings. If they spend most of the time talking, move on to the next one on your list.

If you want an agency to work successfully on your behalf they should be spending 90 per cent of the time with you listening.

They need to understand your required outcomes, get a feel for the business, get inside your customers’ minds and make decisions based on what you’ve told them – only when they’ve done that have they earned the right to make a recommendation about how they will serve you.

  • A final word of warning...

Expect good value, but don’t ask for jobs to be done on the cheap. You wouldn’t send your sales team out on pogo sticks, so don’t sell yourself short on your investment in marketing.

If you’d like to learn more about marketing before taking the plunge by outsourcing, your next step could be to sign up for our newsletter. Most people who do that comment on the value we provide and the guidance we offer freely.

We promise you’ll never experience the hard sell from us. We appreciate the reason why we have been given two ears and only one mouth.

So when you contact us we promise to do most of the listening. 

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