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Where’s your business heading in 2017? You have to press the pedals and steer the wheel

Has anybody been telling you to set some goals for 2017?

Of course they have.

The world and his wife are frantically shouting at you to have reachable outcomes in mind. If you don’t you’ll get to December 2017 and look back, only to discover that your business didn’t make the strides forward you intended.

All because you didn’t have a destination…


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Time to Fuel Your Social Media with Great Images

There’s no getting away from it, social media is at the forefront of digital marketing and it's here to stay. In fact, it's been reported that up to 80% of us check our smartphones before even venturing into the bathroom to brush our teeth in the morning (yep, we’re guilty of that one!). 

It would, therefore, be fair to say this is the prime…


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The type of client testimonial that nails more business for you & the type that puts people off

How valuable are the testimonials people provide when you ask for feedback?

The whole point of a testimonial is to provide encouragement to others to use your services or buy your goods.

After all, the praise of an existing customer can be most powerful.

But there’s a danger that we might accept flattering comments and think they will help to improve how others see us, when in fact they might have the opposite effect.

It’s great when…


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Running my own business is ruining me

Do you sometimes feel as though your business is ruining you?

We could repeat that question and change just one letter, and you might still be nodding in agreement.

Do you sometimes feel as though your business is running you – as opposed to you running it?

When you feel dizzy from running round in circles or if you get to the end of the week and scream ‘Enough’ – it’s time to act.

Not by running away, but by…


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5 steps towards effective email newsletters

As a business leader you have so many ways to reach new and existing customers.You should be delighted about that.

But you’re not, because it’s likely that you currently fall into one of two categories:

  • You try and do too much, so you don’t do anything effectively, or …
  • You wave the white flag in surrender and you don’t do anything at all

Be reassured that you’re not alone, but don’t go easy on…


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What nobody told you about the new Facebook emoticons

Facebook’s new emojis represent much more to your business than a playful extension of how the reader reacts to your post.

People got very excited on Wednesday when plain old ‘thumbs up’ disappeared to be replaced by a set of six emoticons expressing a range of emotions – although not, disappointingly, a dislike button.

Your newsfeed promptly became awash…


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How To Avoid The Spam Filter And Get Your Newsletters Seen

Newsletters are great. They let you keep in regular contact with clients and prospects, show off your knowledge and make a great avenue to promote your events and special offers to the right people. But it’s not just the writing that can be a challenge – getting them past the spam filters and into the right inbox is the biggest hurdle of all. So how do you make sure your newsletters aren’t just being filed away as spam every month?

How Do Spam Filters…


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Why we’re so proud of our big ears

How can we improve our marketing? If you’re asking that question as part of your business review for 2015 we have a two-word answer that’s guaranteed to make it better -- big ears!

Whether you have an in-house team or whether you outsource your marketing, the biggest single factor in that team’s success is listening.

Midway through this…


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Simple Steps: How Social Media Can Boost Your Event Attendance

Up until now, if you wanted to let people know about your event you would send out post cards, distribute flyers in the local area, send a lot of emails and maybe even run a cold calling campaign. These are the foundation steps of event promotion, and they are still effective today. However, there is a new kid on the block to help promote your events, and its name is…


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What you must know about the Facebook Dislike button and privacy charges

Facebook has had a couple of glitches lately. It wasn’t good timing. Mark Zuckerburg was telling us via the United Nations that he wanted to see the whole world connected to the internet, but his platform was down momentarily at the time.

Same thing had happened earlier in the week.  So while the Facebook creator was stressing the importance of everyone…


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6 Tips For Building A LinkedIn Profile That Sells You

When it comes to social selling, LinkedIn is somewhat of a sleeping giant. It’s chock full of potential and just teeming with prospective clients and employers, yet a lot of businesses still aren’t using it to it’s full potential. Do you have a profile set up, but aren’t quite sure if it’s working for you? Do you find yourself longing for profile views, and wondering…


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Prepare For Marketing Success: Why Your Planning Is Just As Important As Your Materials

Have you ever heard the expression ‘failing to prepare is preparing to fail’? Well, that goes for your marketing too. A lot of businesses have a solid plan in place for year 1, but when they get to year 2 they start to get a bit lost. Some just keep on going with the same marketing plan as before, and these are the businesses that often come across as ‘out of…


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Need some help finding great content for your social media?

Are you finding there’s so much information, blog posts, images & videos out there that that it can be hard sifting through all the noise to find good content?

Especially content that’s going to be relevant to your business and interesting enough to share on your social media channels?

It seems that for every new social media site out, there’s a new site that…


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You’re wasting time on Social Media – so claw it back with this simple solution

Isn’t it great when a shared piece of expertise gives someone else a lightbulb moment?

Imagine, then, how wonderful it is when that happens in a room full of people, not just when you're with one individual.

Just such a moment occurs when I reveal the timesaver secrets of Social Media at our Pickle Social Media For Beginners workshops.

We are…


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Marketing made easy

Many people think that Marketing is something that happens when big, household names spend mega-bucks on researching their customers and then reaching them through flashy ads.

‘It’s not something I can get involved in,’ you hear people say. But it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Marketing is about making people aware of your business and how they…


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Take the one decision today that will revolutionise your working life

When Usain Bolt wants to set a world record for 100 metres he doesn’t choose to run on an obstacle course or a ploughed field.

And Bolt’s coach knows that getting his man to the starting block fully focused and without distractions will also be key.

It’s like that in your business. For you to be at your best and performing at your most effective you must not be hampered by tough conditions or a million-and-one side issues.

Make a conscious decision to give…


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New to the Pickle blog: Pickles top 7 tips to grow your email list

Struggling to find new clients or wanting to try a new approach to your marketing? We have compiled 7 of our favourite ways to get those emails and to grow your prospects and future clients - it’s much easier than you may think! 

1) Do you have a simple sign up button? - Did you know not everyone who sees your email will be on your email list? This can be invaluable when reaching new clients as these new readers could be your new…

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How can I best reach my customers – email or social media?

You know that a scatter-gun approach to marketing is not effective.

You are also aware that a precise profile of your ideal buyers should always be uppermost in your mind.

But what might not be as clear is the best way to reach them.

A focused effort in one form of media might be the most appealing to you – because it is the simplest for you to put into practice – but it won’t bring best results.

Many of our clients secure great results by…


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60 seconds that will make you a LinkedIn kingpin

Are you merely a flag-waver – or are you a valuable resource to your connections on LinkedIn?

The answer to that question will be the difference between wasting your time and energy on the business networking site or making the most of your presence there. 

Finding out what will make that difference is a crucial piece of knowledge.

The good…


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What Return On Investment can I expect on Social Media?

Are you getting a Return On Investment on your social media expenditure?

If you need a figure for a column in a spreadsheet then we’ll struggle to give you one – but we can give you a solid reason for your continued investment.

And we might even persuade you to remove that empty column from your database.

Your social media activity…


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