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The English author Edward Bulwer Lytton coined the phrase “The Pen is Mightier than the Sword” in 1939. And whilst the popularity of the sword may have decrease, the pen is still as popular as ever. Whether it is for signing important documents or creating the latest innovations. Ideas, seem to flow better from the brain to the page. Studies have shown, people who write notes remember more, than those who type notes. Hand writing calms the body and mind and unleashes creativity by putting more parts of your brain to work.




The fountain pen was created in the 1880’s and the first promotional pens took off in the 1970’s, when people realized, what great branding potential it had. It is estimated that the average promotional pen has eight different owners throughout its lifetime and makes 2805 impressions, as it makes its journey through life. The draw of the pen is undeniable with most of us having our favorites, which glide across the paper like a lizard on ice! Many of us may have seen the devastation on a colleague face, when their favorite chewed up pen goes missing and the detective work which follows to find the culprit!




At school, we were finally allowed to write with pens in year four and I can still remember the excitement and anticipation when we all arrived at our first lesson with our new fountain pens in hand. Our excitement was soon dashed, when by break time, there were only a few fingers which were free from ink stains. Legend has it that the business-friendly fountain pen was created after insurance broker Lewis Edson Waterman lost out on a contract, due to his pen blotting on it. He went back to the office to get a clean contract and by the time he returned a rival broker had already jumped in and sealed the deal. Fortunately, most pens are more reliable now and we do not have to worry about inky fingers anymore.




So, whilst nearly every desk has a computer, most of them still have many pens. With a certain comfort being found in the tactile nature, of pen on paper. Whether it be for creating a new business idea on the back of a beer mat or writing a birthday card to a loved one. Promotional pens are a great gift, which can make people smile and help them in their time of need. So, choose a quality pen, which will last the test of time and that you can be proud.  Then set it free to show off your brand on its journey into the unknown, where it will be cherished by many of its owners. Who knows where it will end up. Maybe at a  networking meetings or writing a blog in a busy café on a Saturday afternoon…..


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