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Spreading a little Dissatisfaction

Do you ever stop and wonder "Is this it? Is this how I want to spend each day?".

For most people they only stop and ask this question at some point such as a health scare, funerals, being made redundant, after a bad annual appraisal, or…


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Don't fall behind your competitors by failing at Social Media

Slow but sure isn’t a phrase that sits well with many business sectors in 2017.

Customers and clients need answers quickly so if you’re not in a position to give them they will go elsewhere.

Here are some challenging figures from Sprout Social, the social media software people, who say…


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If not now, then when?

Have you ever heard the saying “If you lose money, you can earn some more - but if you lose time, it’s gone and you can’t get it back!”?

I continually encounter people who want to change their life or business… but now is a really bad…


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Competition Time - Win 2 Months Business Coaching

Here's your chance to win 2 months free Business Coaching worth over £250 - enter our competition...

All you have to do is click here…


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The Dangerous Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone is the boundary in which you operate on a daily basis, doing things you know how to do and have typically done before. Outside that zone lie all the unfamiliar and perhaps scary experiences - the things you avoid because you can’t do them.

Imagine your own comfort zone as a circular…


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I made a mistake

Have you ever found yourself continuing to argue a point long after you stopped believing it yourself? One of the most useful phrases we can benefit from using is “I changed my mind”. Yet how rarely people seem to say it, and it doesn’t come easily for most.

To easily say “You know, I see things differently…


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Seek First To Understand

It was Stephen Covey who said "Seek first to understand, then to be understood" in his excellent book "The seven habits of highly effective people". The reason it's such valuable advice is that it's…


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Words Trigger Emotions

Words trigger emotions whether we choose for them to or not.

As human beings we are ‘meaning-making machines’. The instant we see or hear something, we make it mean something. This makes us naturally good at identifying patterns and solving problems, but it also causes us to attribute meaning incorrectly…


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LinkedIn is Pure Gold

LinkedIn has brought me significant income, great contacts, excellent employees, and quite a number of friends into the bargain over the last decade. Yet I frequently meet people who aren’t on LinkedIn at all, or confidently tell me it’s a waste of time! So here’s how it could work for you…


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Stop Nagging and Start Inspiring

It can feel really frustrating when someone isn’t doing what they ought to, yet nagging them to do it just seems to make it worse. No one likes being nagged!

Nagging will usually come across as a form of verbal attack. Phrases like “Why haven’t you?”, or even just “When will you…?” are likely to feel like…


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Business Loans for Growth

While growing organically - funding the business from its own profits - can appear admirable, it's not always the best route.

Someone once told me "Unless a business is borrowing the maximum it can, it won’t be growing to its full potential". I've never endorsed that kind of maximum…


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Do You Fail More Than You Succeed?

Do you focus on failures? Or on successes? Are you accidentally planning to fail?

Often I find people being unhappy about all the things at which they’re failing. They’re asking for my advice and help about how to turn the situation around. And knowing how reluctant most people are to…


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What's your time worth?

For every person in every business, they perform a mixture of tasks; Some tasks are worth very little and some tasks are worth a very high value. I often ask a business owner “How much is your time worth per hour to the company when you are doing the most valuable work?”. Almost no one ever knows the…


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Do you set yourself Personal Goals?

Most people understand that having a clear and measurable goal will greatly increase the chances of achieving it. And most people know they should have clear business goals, even if they haven’t actually got a finished plan. But I’m amazed how few people have clear personal goals!

What ten things would you…


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Mind Your Language

What makes a piece of writing really compelling for you? How can you write something compelling for your customers or prospects?

Have you noticed that sometimes you’re hooked immediately and other times you’re bored and click away to another website or turn the page of a magazine? Follow the steps here and be…


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Who is your Ideal Customer?

It’s important to think about your target market before you dive in and start work on marketing. Think about who would be your ideal client and target them specifically. If you get caught up in thinking that your target market is “anyone”, don’t be fooled, there are always criteria that help you better define…


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Do You Ask for Help?

Are you someone who finds it easy to ask others for help? Or are you part of the majority that hit barriers and just keep pushing harder and trying to figure it out on your own?

There’s a lot of truth in the jokes about men driving around lost and refusing to stop and ask for directions. Logically it makes…


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It’s all about emotion

As we go through life and business, we tend to look at logic and operate in a transactional manner. Our paradigm - the way we view the world - is typically based upon logic. It’s how we explain things, it’s rational. For example, pay someone to do a job and they’ll do it. Offer what people want at a reasonable price…


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What's really stopping you?

Often when I start working with a business owner, they tell me what they need to improve so that their business will be much better. What would that key thing be in your business? Better cashflow? Better marketing? Better staff? Better sales skills? Better time management?

If something just popped into your…


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Network to Grow Your Business

You probably want more customers so that you can grow your business? There are quite a few ways to achieve it, but the most effective ways typically involve getting out of your office. By all means take a look under the desk, behind the filing cabinet, in the cupboards… but I doubt you find find any new…


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