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Office Party Entertainment

It is coming to that time of year where the office Christmas party is looming and thinking of ideas for it can be stressful. This can be the case for any time of year and for any event held in the office, it can be hard to think of what to do. Here are some examples of party ideas that are perfect for office events to get everyone in the spirit.


Party and Function Bands


What is a party without music?


Make the event even more special with…


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Easily Improving Your Property's Value

Improving the value of your property has always been an important consideration and something that all property owners from landlords to homeowners to this day continually strive for. With property being the most expensive asset for so many, improving its value is a worthwhile investment that provides very good return on investment for owners.

There are however, a plethora of ways in which the value of a property can be improved both on a small and a larger budget. Furthermore,…


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Should I Voluntarily Register for VAT

In the present time, VAT Registration is the hot topic of discussion in the business world. Businesspersons are confounded whether they should register for VAT or not? VAT (Value Added Tax) is charged for practically all that we buy or offer. For 2017– 18, the edge of VAT registration is £85,000. On the off chance that the turnover (taxable turnovers, implies add up to wage made by all deals, not only the benefit created by the deals) of your business is above edge amount then you have no…


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The same number of business proprietors struggle to keep up adjust amidst a furious calendar, bookkeeping assignments frequently fall by the wayside. Be that as it may, precise bookkeeping can mean the difference between remaining in operation and shutting down because of cash flow issues or tax troubles. If you end up falling behind in your accounting obligations, it's a great opportunity to…


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Being Part of a Gun Club in the UK

Being part of a gun club such as Southdown Gun Club comes with lots of benefits and opportunities. There are plenty of things you can do and learn at a gun club from experts, that you may not have access to otherwise. Being a member can also help boost your social life, with events and regular interactions with others who share your passion or thirst for learning about shooting.


What Does Being a Member of a Gun…


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Employment Tribunal in Hull

Accounting can be generally defined as the study of how businesses track their income and assets over time. Accountants have to engage in a multitude of activities other than just preparing financial statements and recording business transactions. Accounting also includes tasks like computing costs and efficiency gains from new technologies, participating strategies in mergers and acquisitions, quality management, developing and using information systems to track financial performance and…


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Google Analytics for Beginners

Google Analytics tracks users and views to provide key insights into acquisition and behaviour flow, making it a very powerful tool for business owners. If you have installed Google Analytics into your website but haven't looked at the data, or do not understand what the data is telling you, this post is for you. 

Firstly we'll cover the key terms you'll need to understand and some of the key information you can extract from the Analytics…


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5 Common Accounting Mistakes Every Small Business Owner Should Avoid - DNS Accountants

As a small business owner, you will have a considerable measure of things to do and a next to no time for those. In any case, there are a couple of things which you should get right. We will endeavor to list the regular mistakes which the small business owners make in accounting and how to stay away from those mistakes.



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Reliable Accounting Services in UK

ACCA certified accountants and registered evaluators in the UK, has concocted the most recent and propelled services and support for accounting in London. Being one of the best and trusted accountancy organizations in the UK, DNS Accountants has cut an uncommon specialty for offering an extent of…


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Historical Trips in Europe

For those history lovers, we’ve picked our top tours; one from the medieval period, and one from the more modern period so that you can decide which tour is best suited to you, based on your preference for the period. Peltours are a tour organiser who are able to arrange tours and historical trips to  all locations throughout Europe for various groups.


A Trail of Martin Luther

One of the main events…


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Travelling Between Berkshire and London Made Easy

A county situated just west of London, naturally those from Berkshire will chose to fly from London airports which all flights to a variety of destinations, which smaller, local airports do not. REAL transfers are able to offer transfers to all London airports from Berkshire in comfort and luxury.


Something people often think of last minute, after all the stress of booking the flights and hotel, is the transfer to the…


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Ways to renovate the exterior of your property

Improving the outward appearance of a property can increase its value, saleability and can overall improve the look of the property. Even on a low budget, changes to the exterior of your property can make the world of difference from which can reap the long-term rewards.


For a house, there is a lot you can do; from new windows to adding a new porch to converting a garage! Find out all you need to know to improve the outside of your home, without breaking the bank but still…


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What is the one change you can make to get more sales fast?

What is the one change you can make to get more sales fast?

Answer: Change the words that you use. 

Trying to write the copy that will go on our websites, emails, letters, brochures, blogs and others sales copy it difficult because we don’t know exactly what will work to convince people to give us their money in exchange for our products and services. 

By changing the words in a headline, sub headline or general…


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Stress and the City 23rd August London


 AUGUST 23rd  - How to move from self worth to self acceptance 

 SEPTEMBER 13th  -  How to become confident and make an impact 

Time: 13.30-16.30

Venue: NINTEX, 138 Fetter Lane, London, EC4A 1BT

Sometimes it's easy to be positive. Sometimes it's hard and sometimes it just seems…


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How to Spot a Good Leather Watch Strap

Finding the perfect leather strap is never easy and it can be downright confounding. With a plethora of websites and online stores offering several types to choose from, making the perfect choice is critical.  The perfect black leather watch strap, for instance, can add elegance, class and style to a wrist watch and leather straps are the most sought after.

Two Major Types of Leather

There are two…


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The Benefits of Website Content Management Systems

The concept of a content management system (CMS) for websites and online platforms is nothing new. Simply put, these pieces of simple technology allow website owners, marketers and other relevant parties to be able to manage almost all aspects of a website or online platform. There are countless CMS platforms around for those selling everything from common items like mobile phone covers to medical barrier…


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The Convenience of Having Wide Format Scanners for Business

There are many industries such as engineering, manufacturing, construction and architecture that generate large format plans, documents and drawings. Large format documents like paintings, photographs, posters and graphics are also needed to be scanned for sending to different places. (Information credit: ByColortrac)

Reasons to Invest in a Wide Format Scanner

There are many drawbacks to maintaining large format…


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Securing Empty and Vacant Properties in the UK

There are many reasons why a property may be empty, sometimes for long periods of time. There may be damage awaiting repair, which makes the property unlivable in its current state, there may be excessive asbestos or other hazardous waste material like needles from squatters awaiting professional removal or perhaps there is simply nobody putting themselves forward to take the property for other reasons. Whatever the reason for it being left empty, it is crucial that your property is properly…


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What is a Merchant Loan?

All businesses must overcome all nature of challenges in order to succeed and continually grow. Taking out loans to grow a business are part and parcel of running and progressing a business of any sort, whether selling products or services and whether with business premises or without. Whilst banks and traditional lenders do lend this money on occasions, there are also a range of alternative lenders, able to offer sometimes in excess of £75,000 depending on the applicant’s circumstances…


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Q&A with Digity MD and Networking in Berkshire Founder in Berkshire & Buckinghamshire Life

This month's edition of Berkshire & Buckinghamshire Life Magazine has a new feature…


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