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Victim of Your Own Success

Most business owners know that if you double your sales you’ll double your turnover. So it makes sense that if you double your leads; you have a pretty good chance of doubling your sales.

So you work really hard on the next great marketing campaign. You start to measure what’s working and what isn’t. You stop what’s not working and pour that resource into what…


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Market to New and Existing Customers

Are you focusing all your marketing on attracting new customers, or are you remembering to value the ones you already have? If you think you value existing customers, check how much you spent in the past 12 months on marketing to get new customers compared with marketing to existing ones - you might be surprised!

When I look at most small and medium businesses I…


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Video Interviews - not new but becoming increasingly common

I was recently asked to provide Video Interview Skills Coaching to a client who was applying for a highly coveted graduate programme in the City. 

This is not to be confused with a Skype Interview. It's an entirely different process and it's being increasingly used to interview candidates who are remotely situated around the UK and the world.

It was an interesting (and successful) exercise, so I decided to write a blog about what to expect and how to prepare:…


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What do you get from your Bank Manager?

Hi all,

When I started my business a few years back I set-up an account with NatWest as I banked with them on a personal level and wanted to continue the relationship.  I thought long and hard about how to establish my Marketing Consultancy and I figured that helping banks to help their clients with their marketing would be a Win-Win-Win.  Sadly when the account was set-up it was assigned to their Direct Business Banking Team (despite me specifically completing the application and…


Added by Chris Lunn on November 22, 2012 at 22:30 — 4 Comments

RyBlog: Average Negotiators Pay the Price

Every business survives on two skills, sales and negotiation.

Most company owners and managers invest heavily in their sales force and in so why does negotiation skills training get so neglected?

It’s simple, whether we learn from coaching, formal training or from the hard knocks school of life; we all believe we are great negotiators. We are not and it’s costing you money!

When I look at the thousands of negotiations I have been involved in over the years I am always…


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The terms ‘production’ and ‘productivity’ are not inter-changeable and it would be a mistake to assume that higher production will necessarily result in higher productivity.  In the competitive market of today, it is important to the success of your business that you increase productivity levels. 

So what is meant by ‘production’?  Production is the manufacture of goods or provision of services with the help of resources such as buildings, machinery and manpower and…


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Authentic Sales & Marketing

So much of what is taught about sales and marketing is manipulation. Yet ask any prospective purchaser if they would choose to buy from someone who they think is deliberately manipulating them and I’m sure the answer would be “no”. As buyers become increasingly aware if the trickery that passes as sales and marketing, there’s a danger of being ‘found out’.



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It is not about the food (part 1) – Obesity and Overweight

Last week I introduced my campaign to bring awareness as to what lies behind the western world’s growing problem of obesity, today I shall talk about ‘emotions’ and ‘feelings’, yes those driving forces and the touchy feely things we don’t like to talk about.

So lets start by identifying what I’m talking about, when I use the term ‘feelings’ I’m talking about how our emotions make us feel. The feeling is the physical expression of an emotion we feel inside,…


Added by Ms Doreen Gowing on November 13, 2012 at 11:17 — 1 Comment

Ask 3 Questions Before You Spend

So here’s one of those great questions to stop ask yourself just before you spend time or money on something:

“If I do this, will we make more profit?

“If I don’t do this, will we make less profit?”

“Should I do this because it fits with my values - even if I lose money as a result?”



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Christmas is approaching fast- AGAIN ! thought of Christmas fillling you with dread? Well time to change and get a hold of that Christmas cheer the advertisers all tell us we have!   

A small part of influencing calm is to take a few deep breaths and slow your breathing down. As your body slows, so you can begin to relax a little. Calm and panic cannot co-exist within your…


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‘Berkshire Woman’  ( is looking for articles suitable for our Business section. If you are interested to write for us please contact our

Best wishes

Billie Krstovic


Berkshire Woman

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Marketing Advice Berkshire | The 3 ways of growing a business

‘The Three Ways of Growing a Business’.

What do I mean?  There are three and only three ways of growing any business no matter what the industry and most people focus far too much one way 1!

Way 1 – Win new customers

This is the hardest most difficult and expensive thing to do.  So my question to you is.  How much of your marketing time, money and effort currently goes into No1?

I bet it is…


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Do They Know What You Want?

Whether in personal or business life we rely on those around us to help achieve what we want, so it’s important to make it clear. Ask yourself if those around you actually know what you want? And when you’ve said “yes, of course” or “well it’s obvious” test your assumption by asking those people to tell you exactly what they think you want. There is of course an assumption…


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