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Why does Yellow Pages still call me?

Once upon an Era, Yellow Pages was king. That doorstopper of a Directory dropped on my parents' doorstep once every few months, Trade vans prowled the streets with Find us in Yellow Pages'  on a bright yellow sticker on the back, semi obfuscated by 'Watford for the cup' and 'clean me' written into the grime.

Then a cat appeared on the scene. Thomson was his name, the cheeky upstart. The Virgin Atlantic to Yellow Pages' British Airways. Always thinner, but somehow trendier and more…


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European companies are seeing data breaches increasing by 50% per year

According to the 2013 Information Risk Maturity Index that was released by Iron Mountain and PwC. This report also pointed out the top 3 concerns businesses have if they were to suffer a data breach. These were customer and/or client loyalty, impact on the reputation of their organisations brand, and lost sales and revenue. The actual stats were:

60% – Customer / client loyalty



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Are your batteries running on empty?

With everything you could possibly need only a click away and with an app for every need and desire, the world is now open for business 24/7. Technology is a great thing and you only have to think back to the phone you were using in 2003 to get a quick glimpse into how fast technology and innovation is progressing!

In fact the only things slowing…


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What makes your business out of this world?

Chris Hadfield, commander of the International Space Station recently returned home from work. What makes his work special is that he wasn’t sat at a desk but was orbiting the earth for 146 days! But while he left Earth a little-known 56-year-old Canadian astronaut, he’ll be returning a global superstar.

Thanks to his canny use of Social Media since…


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LinkedIn for business – have your boarding pass ready to travel first-class

More than 11 million people in the UK use LinkedIn, so it’s a platform that cannot be ignored. But just as a crowded airport departure area can leave you feeling an insignificant part of a people-shifting operation, so LinkedIn can leave you scratching your head and wondering ‘Why am I here?

So let’s whisk you out of the masses…


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Don’t just tell people what you do, show them!

Everyday we are bombarded with sales and promotional e-mails and literature, so good, some bad, but all of it with the aim of getting us spending. Unless your business is offering something totally unique, you are going to be in competition. So how do you ensure that your potential customers choose you over your rivals?

Case studies are a great way…


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How much is your time worth?

When you run your own business, more than likely you are keeping the books yourself. Even small businesses generate a large amount of paperwork, be it sales invoices, purchase invoices and receipts, bank statements etc. For you to deal with the accounting side of the business can really take valuable time away from the area of the business you need to concentrate on in order to make sales and grow.

This is where a bookkeeper can be invaluable. By outsourcing this task, you can feel…


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The Property Maintenance Company

Hi all,

One of my clients has asked me to let you know about their services.  They are based in London but can cater for commercial buildings across the South East.

Visit the Property Maintenance Company website for more info.

Cheers, Chris

Added by Chris Lunn on June 26, 2013 at 0:00 — No Comments

Understanding your Market

It was great to hear from one of my clients the other day that they had just had their best three months’ turnover ever. We have been working together for some months on marketing and sales.  Prior to that, his efforts in this direction had been sporadic and lacked any coherent targeting or message.

After analysing what was different and better about his service and what his target market looked like we started to build a marketing strategy.  The strategy sets out what message he…


Added by Nick Bettes on June 25, 2013 at 18:30 — 1 Comment

What’s Your Guarantee?

Every business provides a guarantee - your business provides a guarantee! But do you know what your guarantee is? And do you promote it overtly to increase your sales?

Let me explain what I mean by a guarantee, because most people immediately think of it like the warrantee you turn to when your new toaster breaks down. And that’s a form of guarantee “your new…


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Would you like to be able to save on IT and reinvest the savings in your business?

Many SMBs would love to say to “yes” to this question, but are held back by concerns over adopting cloud technologies, feeling that if their technology is on premise that they are in control.

However, in many instances their on premise software is actually holding back their growth.  Many businesses run their business critical processes on disparate systems; with much…


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UK Businesses At Risk Of Cyber Attacks

Earlier this year the National Audit Office warned the UK that cost of cybercrime is between £18bn and £27bn and according to the results of the 2013 Information Security Breaches Survey, which were released by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, clearly highlighted that businesses, small or large, need to address the cyber threats their businesses are facing today and in the future.

“Cyber risk is no longer emerging, it’s here, it’s real and it’s not going away” said…


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7 Simple ways to promote your website

‘if you build it, they will come’

Although this philosophy worked pretty well for Kevin Costner and his baseball pitch, unfortunately in real life and particularly in business, we can’t afford to have this romantic vision.

Many believe you just need to create a site and the visitors will come in droves. But for all new websites out there, you have to get word out initially. To…


Added by Louisa McGowan on June 19, 2013 at 14:57 — 1 Comment

Marketing Advice Programme

Looking for marketing advice for your small business, but can't really afford to pay a consultant?  Why not check out my 'Raise your Game' monthly CD Programme?

I would like to offer members of Networking in Berkshire a free copy of the first month.  The normal price is £17.50, but for the first month, all you have to pay for is the postage, which is £2.50.

Here is a link - …


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Healthcare in Dubai

One of my clients Lifecare International have just launched their new website.  Any feedback on the site is most welcome and for those people traveling to Dubai, or UAE, Lifecare are able to provide both Healthcare Insurance and Travel Insurance.

Here is a link to their website - Health Care Dubai

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Reinvent Your Business

No business is immune to change. It’s often said that the only constant is change. For long-term survival it’s absolutely vital to take a step back and re-evaluate the products or services that you offer and the way they’re provided, which are separate aspects.

At the heart of every successful business is the product or service. You’ll be solving a commonly…


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Corporate Bliss

No one can deny that we are affected by a fast moving fast thinking lifestyle and stress management continues to worry organisations as they are keen to maintain productivity and creativity within their company.

Tense, aching muscles are an all too common side-effect of the daily grind. A soothing, relaxing massage sounds like just the thing to smooth away those pent-up tensions.

On site – massage could be a very effective solution to combat the physical and mental…


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Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge - Looking for Promoters to join my Team!

It has taken over the United states, and now its our turn to get healthy and feel good about ourselves!

Make a change today...and become a Body By Vi Promotor!  Join the 90 Day Challenge with me now!…


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Bookkeeping from a qualified accountant

Coming from an accountancy practice background, I am able to offer bookkeeping services that will ensure your accounts are in line with accounting standards before you give them to your accountant.


All your records can be kept up to date and accurate, and you can have a range of management account reports to show you how your business is doing and assist in your decision making.


Call me on 0118 9485177 or email me on…


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