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"Ending The Confusion" Advanced Viral Recruiting (AVR) - Can it Explode Your Business?

Ending the Confusion is a brand new online marketing system that is designed to help you develop a profitable business as soon as you sign up for free.

Unlike other similiar programs, there is no fee to access any of the training if you choose to speed up the potential income that is possible for you, by following the 3 simple steps.

How does it work?

The system leverages…


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FREE WEBINAR-The biggest reforms in employment tribunal procedures for 25 years


Webinar description: 


July 2013 brings about the biggest reforms to employment law tribunals for over 25 years. It is essential that businesses both understand the reforms and know how to combat against them. 

In this webinar Amanda Chadwick will give you all the essential information regarding the reforms and…


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Keep your Website Content Fresh for Online Sucess

Keeping your website content up-to-date and fresh is a key contributing factor to a successful website. Even if you have a brand new website, you should continually edit and improve your content to ensure people keep visiting. Here we will explain why having a constantly evolving website is vital and will also demonstrate ways in which you can achieve this.

Why you should keep your content fresh:

1) It shows you…


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My work in the Sunday Times

One of my images published in the Sunday Times 26th May. Unique photographic artwork

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Free Defibrillator Training for Business

Free Defibrillator Training

Friday 31st May From: 12:30 to 14:00 At: IQ Segro Marketing Suite – 210 Bath Road, SL1 3YD To register to attend email

Come to our taster session to learn the basics of defibrillation

Gruenderpreis 2004 IHK

  • Find…

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Responding To A Data Breach

Whatever the size of an organisation, start-up or multinational, they must protect themselves from the costly and real possibility that they may have to deal with a data breach at some point.

What is a data breach?

When an incident involving personally identifiable information has been stolen, acquired or accessed by an individual that has not been authorised this would constitute a data breach.

Personal information can include the following…


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What VAT scheme should you register under?

So your business is now required to register for VAT, or perhaps you want to apply voluntarily to claim back your input VAT. Don’t necessarily rush into applying under the standard VAT scheme. You may have other options.

The standard VAT scheme, whereby you pay HMRC 20% VAT on sales and claim input VAT on purchases, is what most businesses will register under. It is the simplest to use and record, and once used is likely to be used forever more.

However, while you may not go…


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Charity Adoption for Businesses- What to do? How to do it! What charity is right for our business?

Charitable assocations/adoptions with businesses can make a huge difference to the charity sector. It allows to build on the charities income steams as well as incorporate a strong corporate social responsibility ethic into a business.

Charity adoptions can differ from yearly structured adoptions which will include a certain target set by the corporate of how much money they wish to raise during that year. The year is then organised by a charity committee within the company…


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Building a structure and format to grow your business

When you first started your business you were in control, you knew everything that was going on.  You had few customers, not much data and had few automation requirements.

Y ou may have started out with a small accounts package, managing your data in excel spreadsheets, or you may have implemented basic Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.  Whichever route you…


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Joshua's Wish Superhero Run

Joshua's Wish a national children's cancer charity is arranging the first "Superhero Run" in Windsor's Great Park on June 23rd, 2013.

This family day out is about taking part in an inspiring day by dressing up a superhero whilst helping the charity change lives of children with terminal cancer.

The Adults run is 5 miles and the childrens run is 500m. 

All ages can take part....even children in prams!!! 

Everyone likes superheros and…


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Don’t let your corporation tax bill come as a shock

It’s not uncommon for business owners to be told what their corporation tax liability is until shortly before the deadline, and often it can be a surprise just how much is payable. Don’t put yourself in a position where you’re scrambling to find the funds to pay it.

If in the past you have given your accountant your records, which they have then used to prepare your accounts and told you your tax liability, it may well be that you had no idea what kind of tax bill you were facing.…


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Can I refuse Holiday requests from my employees? By Peter Done MD Peninsula Business Services Ltd

Can I refuse holiday requests from my employees?
It is within an employer's rights to deny members of staff certain holiday dates

I have had several requests from employees who all want off the same period of holidays in the summer – do I have to accept these requests or can I refuse my…


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In the beginning was the Business Model

Here at further we love a good story!  That’s why we took some time out this week to put together a quick introduction to the Business Model Canvas we use on a daily basis.  Feel free to tweet about it, talk about it,email us and pass it on.

Find it here...…


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Are your Excel spreadsheets becoming a pain?

When you first started your business, you probably had few sales and purchases to record, so you set up some Excel spreadsheets. Are you finding that now your business is growing, your schedules are becoming a little long winded, with column after column being added to record all transactions?

If when you print your analysis you need a microscope to read it, it may be time to move from Excel to an accounts software package. Recording transactions becomes very manageable and you are…


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It's Just as Important to Invest in Yourself as Your Business

If you’ve ever flown, you’ll remember the part of the safety demonstration that says “If the cabin air system should fail, oxygen masks will be released from the panel above…..pull the mask towards you………place it over your mouth and nose …….. Make sure your own mask is correctly fitted before helping anyone else.”

The point of this is the same as in life – to stress that we cannot support others if we are not in a good state ourselves.   What good are we to our family, our…


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Would you like to try before you buy with most services?

Its a difficult thing deciding which security company is best and the only way 99% of the time is by signing on the dotted line and hoping they come true with their sales pitch. Well, SI6 believes you should be able to try before you do sign on the dotted line, that's why we are giving 3 free mobile patrols to the first 10 companies to apply, you have up to the end of this month to book them and use them, they must be used all at once.


Book either through the Networking site…


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Attract the best employees

I was recently asked “How can I ensure I build a great team?”. After a bit of thought I summed it up as the following:

Recruit great people, train them well, set clear goals, motivate and lead them.

A great team with great leadership will achieve great things. No company with a poor team of people will achieve as much as one with a…


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Lack the confidence to maintain your own business accounts?

You run your own business, and whether due to your size or financial constraints you don't want an accountant to maintain your accounts. But do you feel you are exposing yourself to accounting errors and subsequent inaccurate data and possible HMRC issues?


At Sharp Accounting Solutions, a qualified bookkeeper based in Reading, we can offer bookkeeping training where we can take you through everything from basic double entry (your debits and credits) to higher end accounting…


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How to give great customer service


The main reason for clients changing to a new supplier is not price, as so many people think. It’s actually because they think their supplier doesn’t care about them any more, and looks for someone else!

But all is not lost! In this article we provide you with an insight on how as a small business you can gain an edge on the competition and provide great customer.

We all know how time consuming and difficult it can be to get new clients. So why would we want to…


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New to Sage line 50 accounts?

Have you recently started using Sage accounts and not sure where to start? Or do you know the basics and want to learn what else you can use it for?


At Sharp Accounting Solutions we offer tailored sage training built around your existing knowledge base. Whether you want a couple of hours to fine tune your knowledge, or would like a whole day going through all the basics, we can provide a service.


Sage offer courses at £280 per day, and mostly you will not…


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